Are you looking to join a professional and educational Club? Well...we do have the group for you!!!!

This is like no other networking group you have ever been a part of before. Health and wellness professionals do not fit into the standard networking groups available and receive no health and wellness education or help whereby they can grow their practices by improving the health and wellness of their patients/clients. The Health and Wellness Professionals Club of Pittsburgh offers a unique opportunity to become a part of a group that helps the health and wellness profession as a whole.

Why should you join?

This exclusive Club gives health and wellness professionals a creative outlet to share information and knowledge with each other so they can each better improve patient care. The Club chooses elite individuals in the industry and shares these individuals with the patient population for improved patient care.

This Club connects driven, patient result oriented individuals together for meetings of the mind and social networking that can overall benefit patient care.

What are the benefits of this Club?

The club meets 4 times a year for social, informational and inspirational events from 6-8. Food and beverages are provided.

Annually the club has a black-tie fundraiser event for the charity of the club’s choice for that year. The black-tie fundraiser is additional at a sponsorship status of bronze, silver, gold and diamond. Sponsors receive acknowledgement and advertising opportunities plus press release articles for their use.

The Club has a Facebook forum that can address members chats and requests.

The Club has a website that lists the members. Members can contribute content to the site.

The members received an opportunity to promote that they are members of the club and direct patients to the site to review any articles, blogs or upcoming personally sponsored events.

What is the cost to join?

The annual Club admission is $550/individual and $950/corporate structure of 4 and $1250 for corporate structure of 6.

Come join us and become a part of health and wellness history in the making!

If you would like to join The Health and Wellness Professionals Club of Pittsburgh, please go to:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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